Hi there & welcome! I’m Elizabeth, maker & creator of Bitter Candy Design. I live with my husband and two tiny pups in sunny Florida, and am always sewing up something new on my Juki TL-2010q!

Sewing is my passion, my escape, my tormentor (only when I have to rip stitches), and my motivator!

I’ve always loved creating and have played with many different mediums over the years. Be it painting, drawing, knitting, origami, baking, etc… there is a love of it all! But I didn’t really find my love of sewing until 2015, and when I found it the love (and addiction) only grew! Sewing mixes my love of creativity & art with my love of details, organization, and a little math. Watching a project come together is so fulfilling!

Assistants in the workroom?
Yes, these two adorable pups check my stitches and model items fresh off the machine!

Mado is a white 6lb, 11 year old Maltese. Born in Korea, he loves to lick the air endlessly, expend as little energy as possible, and touch his butt against those he cares about.

Paku is a b&w 6lb, 10 year old Paperanian (papillon-Pomeranian mix) born in Hawaii. He’s apprehensive and skittish despite his love of pets, revels in sunbathing, and loves napping under quilts.

Why ‘Bitter Candy’?

I remember being a kid and loving those sour bitter candies that would make your face scrunch and your lips pucker. (Ya’ll know what I’m talking about!) They were addictive despite their mouth-numbing first lick. But that often brutal first step always led to a delicious end (and often a repeat ordeal)!
But it wasn’t just about the candies – it was the friends I shared them with, the friends I would take that ‘plunge’ with, & the friends that were always there even as the years went by. That name encapsulated all those moments together for me! And my hope was that this name & the creations made under it would bring a bit of those fun and whimsical moments of my life to others.

So stick around, enjoy yourself, and remember that bitter has nothing on sweet *wink*